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Diagnostic Musculoskeletal Imaging

Andrew (Drew) is professionally qualified through a CASE & BMUS endorsed MSc (dist) qualification and will be pleased to discuss the  benefit of imaging to your injury or condition. Andrew is also registered with The College of Radiographers (CoR) on the Public Voluntary Register as a practising  MSK Sonographer. (This registration helps you to confirm that the clinician undertaking their examination is appropriately qualified). 
At a fixed cost of £75 we can provide written imaging reports for you or your own clinician. (A full report must be elected when making your appointment).
In some circumstances we may undertake provisional imaging in support of a clinical examination to inform diagnosis at your initial consultation. Please note: The preliminary imaging does not replace a full scan and imaging reports may not be subsequently generated.  
Dynamic musculoskeletal imaging is provided using Sonosite Fujifilm SonoHD2™ Second Generation Imaging Technology.

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